Creative banking

“Hello. I would like to open a second account please.”

“Alright, but please wait there for 10 minutes (…) Now tell me your ID number, birthday, telephone number, address (…) Now sign here, here, here, here, here, here and here (…) I would like to offer you a great deal with our life insurance plan; if you take it now you will have a 20% discount and we will charge you less commission for your operations. If you do not take the plan right now, we will charge you more commission and if you become invalid due to an illness or accident, you will not be able to receive the benefits of our program. You either do it now, or the discount is no more.”

And once again, I have that feeling. Every time I enter the freezing office of a bank, I expect a new experience; totally random and surprisingly creative. Now I am picturing myself ill and injured and miserable. How the hell did we get here?

“No, thanks. Just the account please. But last time I came here, my internet banking account was cancelled by mistake. This time, I will be glad if it stays operational. Could you check now if it works?”

“Yes, it is working. But are you sure about the insurance? Think about it.”

“Well thanks, but I won’t need it at this time. However, I would appreciate if you could confirm that my internet service is active. It is a long way from home, I cannot come back here.”

“Yes. As I said, everything is in order. I will call you again next week and ask you if you want to get the insurance, I will give you some time to think.”

When I got home in the evening, my internet service was down.

It still is.