B and U

It is very difficult for me to get the right gift to someone. I am not good at that. Some people are amazingly talented though. They remember something you said a few months ago, relate it to something you might need and locate the perfect gift faster than I locate the t-shirt I want to wear in the morning.

I guess one can be creative about the gift itself or the way it is delivered. Getting someone a hot air balloon ride or organizing a surprise party with unexpected guests are all about the gift. The delivery can be equally interesting.

I witnessed a nice delivery of a gift the other day. In fact, there was only the delivery and no gift. Teachers in a primary school in Spain pay a certain amount of money each month to a fund. At the end of the year, this money, which is actually their own, is spent to buy a three-day holiday abroad. Essentially, teachers are buying the holiday to themselves. However, a committee of two people organizes the whole thing, keeping secret the location of the holiday until the very last moment; the check-in counter!

To make things worse, once they decide on the secret location, the funny organizers provide clues about the destination every other week, giving out random information like “we are going north” or, “the name of the place has the letter ‘e’ in it.”

They knew there was an ‘b’ and a ‘u’ in the name this year. They hoped for Istanbul, they went to Edinburgh.