The elusive gap year

Most of my friends and students have never stopped to breathe in their lives. They just studied, studied, then worked, worked, and then worked some more.

The places where I grew up are not used to the concept of gap year: a time where people stop their education or work to explore who they are, hone their skills,  get out of their comfort zones, and discover what they want to achieve.

While some might consider this a waste of time, it could actually save them time in the long run, as they’ll know what they are doing, and most importantly, why…

Such a pause does not have to involve traveling around the world or some crazy adventures. It could simply be about reading a wide variety of books and getting to know people with different backgrounds.

Have you ever gave yourself such a time off? What did you do?
If not, would you consider?

Curiously, when I mention gap year, everybody immediately thinks of this:

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