Failure 101

I periodically supervise a group of senior students as they tackle a company project. They get an actual question from the company and attempt to solve it in the following 3 months, after which they make a presentation to the managers.

They get to meet with CEOs, managers, employees. Hence, this is a unique experience, a great learning and networking opportunity. The process might even affect their future employment prospects.

Yet sometimes students don’t realize that their behavior during this process has real consequences. They don’t dress properly, arrive late to the meetings, say things before thinking, don’t prepare appropriately, etc…

Here’s my dilemma as an educator:
Should I hold the hands of my students and safely guide them across the street?
Or should I let them face an embarrassing accident in case they fail to pay proper attention to what they are doing?

Here’s some advice for more junior students:

One thought on “Failure 101

  1. Hello, let them fail would be my choice, we all fail, some fail once, some fail twice some fail all the time. The key is to look back and review those failures and see if they tell us somethingelse. Best Regards from Izmir.

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