Forgetful creativity

“Wow, we really came up with some nice ideas. Look at these notes! I used half the notebook.”

“Indeed. I think in the end we figured out exactly where we want to go with the project.”

“Yes. And speaking of going… Where are the car keys?”

“S#!t, we left them at the restaurant!?!?”

“OK! I’ll run and get them.”

“No, no, no… not at the one that we just ate.”

“Where then?”

“I think we left them at the restaurant where we entered before and sat for a while to look at the menu, and decided not to eat there. Remember?”

“That was more than 2 hours ago!”

“Yes… hurry.”

Forgetfulness might have a lot of reasons. I think engaging in a creative process is another one. You dive into an idea, you flow, and it’s a bit intoxicating.

Do you become more absent minded when you are generating ideas? How does a creative activity affect your behavior?

It turns out, forgetfulness may actually be good for you.

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