Life saver

There are many great ideas out there. From arts to science, technology to popular culture, everyday we face new concepts that affect us. We do not have to like them all, but at least most of them deserve our respect and understanding.

Lifesaver Bottle is beyond that. It is almost too good to be true. It is not only a great idea, but it has already been developed into a great product. I haven’t seen one. I never used it. But it sounds absolutely fantastic.

The idea is very simple. It is a small, portable bottle that transforms any dirty, disease-infected source of water into a safe, drinkable, sterile one. You can literally get some water from the nearest muddy and filthy pond, filter it through the Lifesaver Bottle and drink it after just a few seconds.

When a disaster hits, finding clean water becomes one of the main concerns. In many parts of the world, you do not even need a disaster to make drinkable water scarce. People die by millions. One small bottle can prevent it.

I am disappointed in myself. Why did I not find out about this before? As far as I can tell it has been around for some time. Why aren’t news channels and government agencies shouting about this bottle? Why aren’t there any competitors with similar products/technologies?

Here, you can hear its inventor talk about the Lifesaver Bottle and see what it accomplishes.

Is it too good to be true?

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